Bokeelia Man First in Lee County to Have Firearms Confiscated

Rickey Dewel Beaty, 59, of Bokeelia is the first person in Lee County to have his firearms confiscated under the new "Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act" enacted by the Florida legislature and signed by Governor Scott, Mar 9, 2018 after thousands of high school students marched and protested around the country in favor of the new law. A petition for risk protection order against Beaty was sought by the Sheriff's Dept. April 9, 2018. The petition included a search warrant of his residence and he complied at which time officers confiscated two firearms. The petition will be in effect until April 16, 2019, although he may petition the court to get his firearms back during confiscation period.

Under the Stoneman Act, a law enforcement officer can petition a court to have the individual immediately surrender the firearm or any other weapon and prohibit them from possessing or purchasing firearms if he believes a person poses a danger to themselves or others by possessing a firearm. The officers are not required to arrest an individual for the order to be filed and violation of the order is a felony.

Beaty was shot after the deputy arrived at his home in Bokeelia and allegedly confronted the sheriff's deputy with a knife. He was arrested on April 2nd, 2018 and was released the next day after posting a $5000 bond. The deputy was injured and taken to a hospital, but released that afternoon. This is the second time Beaty was arrested on an unrelated charge.

The investigation suggested that Beaty had attempted to provoke the deputy with a knife ostensibly hoping the officer would kill him. He had indicated to the son the day before the stabbing that he considered killing himself. The incident report doesn't indicate why the deputy was originally called to the house.

The investigation further indicated as a lineman in 2000, he had experience an electrocution on-the-job and that he had recently been divorced after a 33 year marriage. He apparently had not have been taking prescribed medication and had left a note before the stabbing leaving his belongings to a son. Beaty was arrested on a "Battery (Touch Or Strike)" charge in Sept., 2016.

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