Hoarders and Looters Should Be Dealt With Harshly

There was a rumor that off-island people, even other county residents, were "raiding" Pine Island's Winn-Dixie. It was suggested that this was a organized effort and not just an accident.
There is no way to tell if, or how much, was true. However, there is no doubt that it is true to some extent.

This IS a declared epidemic emergency situation. Winn-Dixie needs to begin a "no-hoard" policy: 1) One must show a Pine Island residency with name. 2) 1 bulk item or no bulk items. 3) No more the two regular size items of a particular category.

It wouldn't be hard to stop at the cash register, even at the self-serve registers, and wouldn't be hard to enforce. One Sheriff's officer could be stationed in the parking lot, just during store hours for enforcement.

However, in order to avoid lawsuits, the question to institute these policies it shouldn't fall solely on Winn-Dixie's managers. We suggest that to prove that the Lee County Commissioners are still around, they should proclaim that all grocery stores within the county begin the procedures.

Since big bulk stores only sell bulk items, this could still qualify by selling only one of the bulk items in category. Businesses with long standing bulk purchases from wholesalers would not be under such limits.

By the way, these policies should also be instituted for all retail stores and gun shops.

Furthermore, anyone found selling these bulk items on the net or anywhere else without a long standing business license in that category should have large fines levied against their houses, their cars, their paychecks. Looters should risk great bodily injury (unless they were hungry.) Of course, everyone would all get their day in court.