Honoring Those Who Serve Our Country.

Timothy Scott Royer, Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force always comes back home for a visit.

The Burman's were surprised by a visit from a long time friend who grew up with their children. He never forgets to stop by the Burman house and give hugs and say hi. He has been serving our country for the past 15 years all over the world, with 10 of them being in Germany.

Scott called Pine Island his home for many years, he went to and graduated from Mariner High School.

His dad Tim Royer owned and operated a high-end designs Carpet Company here on Pine Island in the 80’s and early 90’s.

His mother Robin, lives in Punta Gorda and his wife, Shalon, son Jaelin and daughter Angelina will be staying state side for a couple weeks while he is on leave and then they will be heading back to Germany.

He is planning for his retirement in about 5 years. Scott owns some acreage on the north end of the island and wants to build a home here, becoming a Pine Island resident again.

He brought his 12 year old son, Jaelin with him this time to show him around the island where he grew up. Jaelin will be attending high school this year in Bitburg Germany, United States air base high school.

Scott is a Civil Engineer in the Air Force and continues to serve his county with honor. We remember him as being one of the first of the troops to enter Baghdad after the fall of Saddam Hussein.