Hurricane Irma?

The photo was taken on I75 from Tampa to Ft. Myers after noon, Wed. the 6th of September, 2017 . It rained most of the way and as you can see the north traffic was bumper to bumper virtually all the way.

The Pine Island area will definitely feel the effects of hurricane Irma. The only question now is how much. We have already experienced record breaking rain on Pine island and in southwest Florida a couple of weeks ago. Now it will be a matter of how close the high-speed winds get to our area.

Bokeelia experienced at least 150 mph and up, so we know what that feels like. We don't recommend that you stay around to see unless you live in a hurricane tested building and there are few of those around. However, if the storm comes up the west coast we WILL ALSO see storm surge. Hurricane Charley went through so fast that there was no storm surge. We would hope that you do the right thing for yourself and your family...Publisher