“Findings and Conclusions” of the Ceitus EMA Stakeholder Group

Dissent on the alleged “Findings and Conclusions” of the Ceitus EMA Stakeholder Group

    I am Cathy Henrickson, President of the Greater Pine Island Civic Association, Inc., one of 19 stakeholders on the EMA. By resolution of the Board of Directors this 13th day of July, 2010, we dissent from the environmental report entitled “Findings and Conclusions” as well as the resulting recommendations of the Stakeholder Group as presented at the final meeting on May 17, 2010. We agree with the dissent by Dr. Buchanan, and we vote to reconstruct the Ceitus Barrier and lock and as specified by the Consent Order.

   The “Findings and Conclusions” are not based on science. Science requires that one gather and evaluate information and form conclusions based on that information. In this case, a conclusion was established and information not consistent with that conclusion was excluded.Cape Coral has been willing to accept the validity of only the data that supports their preconceived position; namely that no remediation is necessary.

  The EMA was an excellent opportunity to address some of the serious environmental problems plaguing Southwest Florida. Despite many thousands of hours of work by a lot of really talented people, it appears that opportunity has been squandered. Even the data collected was not recorded. 

   We also disagree with the proposed diversion of Lee County and DEP taxpayer funds to pay for improvements and maintenance of Cape Coral city-owned properties. That money should be used only for reconstruction of the Barrier, as specified in the escrow agreement.

Respectfully submitted this  13th day of July, 2010,

Cathy Hendrickson


Signed copy mailed to:

   The FCRC Consensus Center
   University of Central Florida
   12443 Research Parkway, Suite 402
   Orlando, FL 32826-3282

Email copy provided to stakeholders and interested parties