Awaken O Sleeping Giant

We are all so proud to be Americans.  We are so proud of our capitalistic government, our democracy.   Why?   We are proud to be Americans because we were once a great nation,  but are we today?   Right now just off of our island’s shores there is a disaster of huge magnitude occurring.    At the root of this catastrophe is a company who has prospered through capitalism,  aided by lobbyists,  and greedy politicians.    And what is our country doing?   Why are we sitting back and letting BP dictate how a potentially GLOBAL disaster is being handled?    Have our morals been so anesthetized that we,  as people of the greatest country in the world,  will let our government protect industry secrets at the expense of so much?   When did this blindness occur?   Why have we all become so complacent?   Why has the sleeping giant not awoken?  

This has to be a turning point for us;  a catalyst for REAL change,  not just a man saying it.    I know I am not the only one who is dissatisfied,  upset,  and angry even.    Why can’t we see that capitalism is playing a part in killing not only our country but the world?  Don’t get me wrong,  people need to have the right to own businesses and grow their enterprises.   But in no way, shape or form should a business be allowed to reach the magnitudes that have been.   For goodness sakes there are companies who when they failed,  it sent a ripple through the entire planet!   And now a company,  a huge multibillion dollar company,  is destroying so much.   How can we sit back and let this happen?   I hope that we won’t,  I pray that the giant has awoken,  and I can’t wait for the revolution that follows in its wake.

~Wide Awake in St. James City