Burning Recyclables. . .

So Lee County gets caught burning all the recyclables. . .
A very disturbing policy. . . let’s count the ways.

1. Lee County “distorted the truth” to its citizens saying:
       A  …this policy will help save Lee County and the planet
       B. …the program will eventually pay for itself.
       C. …the recyclables are valuable resources.

2. The desperate need to be politically correct despite the facts supporting the contrary view.
3. Lee County does not care about wasting hundreds of thousands of hours of its citizen’s time separating recyclables only to have it thrown back together and burned.
4. How easy it is to fool the public.
5. The hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted ostensibly processing recyclables.
6. The hypocrisy of “saving resources” then wasting its citizens time and hard earned tax money.
7. The truth would have been easier and less expensive.
8. No one has taken responsibility.
9. It illustrates what and how the county and its bureaucrats think of its citizens.

Whether one agrees with the county’s policy or not it certainly brings up the question of how many other times has the county mislead its citizen’s and what those costs might add up to.

No wait! After other recent and not so recent major news stories I’m sure this is the only time they have wasted money and mislead the public.. . . right?