How Profoundly Ignorant Are the Censors?

How Profoundly Ignorant Are the Censors at the Social Media Giants? Let’s Count the Ways:

  1. They believe that they are qualified to determine what the public should see and what they shouldn’t see.
    1. However, this is based on what they like and what they don’t like. Of course, this would be true of anyone “appointed” to that position.
    2. Sometimes they appoint someone else who has the same philosophy to make the decision which results in the same outcome.
    3. What kind of education would it take to “qualify” to make these decisions? One where all professors agree on a philosophy? Or a workplace where everyone “agrees?”
    4. There are none more ignorant than those who think they are smart enough to make these decisions.
  2. Einstein said what is or should be obvious that “consensus” is not science (and not “truth.”) Historically this has been proven time and time again.
  3. For those looking to “statistics and logic”; When Jesus was brought to Pilate 2000 years ago, Pilate was reported to have said in response to Jesus, “what is truth?”  Even he knew that “truth” is often dependent upon one’s perspective. Again, Einstein proved the concept and put the idea into math and science.  He proved that one’s perception of his environment was limited by his knowledge of time and space and what was “true” for one person in his time and his place was NOT true for a different person in the same time but a different place. Note: Einstein’s “Special Theory of Relativity.”
  4. EVERYBODY in these social media platforms, certainly the ones making these censoring decisions are exponentially dumber that Einstein. No matter what their IQ. But wait! They’re even dumber still.
  5. These censors know nothing of the following: The Greek philosophers MORE than 2500 years ago had 400 years with about a ten year pause in between to analyze democracy. The USA has barely over 250 years. In that 400 years they discovered virtually every problem that could and did arise; from external and internal enemy forces. They wrote it all down and 20% of it survived up to today. In this 20% they referred to much of the other 80%. Our founding fathers knew virtually all of it and based their decisions on this wisdom with the obvious modifications . . . and warned (based on ancient wisdom) . . .”keep it (democracy) if you can!.” The reasons were almost exactly the same as today. Same problems, different millennium:
    1. The Greek philosophers stated that democracy was too slow to respond to any real emergency, internal or external.
    2. That too often when it did move, it was often the wrong decision.
    3. That too many representatives were only interested in lining their pockets and not protecting the country.
    4. That the public responded to what the representatives would promise to give them.
    5. And many others.
    6. They HAD practical solutions . . . not all were warm and fuzzy.
  6. Human nature hasn’t changed since man began to walk. So this wisdom is as valuable and pertinent as ever. But unknown to everybody except Classic Greek historians and to those bothering to read.
  7. Of course, there are exceptions to almost everything which just reinforce the premise. So there are a few people who ARE aware of this history AND human nature and are attempting to destroy the country for reasons of power and other traits of human nature.  The Greeks who were in favor of democracy had solutions. However, the Greek philosophers basically said that it was a lost cause. That no matter what you did it was ultimately doomed to failure. Remember they had 400 years of experience.
  8. These censors are fulfilling long determined outcomes. . irrespective of technology . . . actually enhanced and accelerated by technology.

The ONLY solution in our time is a real defense of the U.S. Constitution –as it is. It includes a mechanism to refine its precepts not destroy them. Just ask Cuban, North Korean, or Chinese refugees. They are not just economic refugees. The USA IS utopia, it is the penultimate “social justice”,  it IS the Holy Grail. Anyone who suggests otherwise is lying and an enemy. There is nothing better in human history until the heavenly prophets of all three major religions come to redeem their respective people (there’s one hint to one of the Greek solutions).

Those who use constitutional concepts to categorically and incrementally destroy the very document to which they refer, should be profoundly punished. The Greeks had some fair and just methods for this purpose.  It really IS a matter of freedom.

So it is your job to determine who is categorically and incrementally trying to destroy or dilute (eventually making the precepts meaningless and ultimately non-existent) the amendments to the Constitution in the name of “social justice.”

The Spartans 2500 hundred years ago would chant “free the Greeks” as they burned, pillaged, and killed everything in sight, which included “freeing the Greeks” by killing all they could. This pattern has been repeated ever since by non-benevolent despots and dictators.

These “censors” and media are hastening the demise of freedom. And they and half of the country are too ignorant to see the age old pattern.