LCEC Upgrades

Lee County Electric Cooperative contract crews from Pike and are working to change out copper wire to aluminum wire on the power lines.

This is now an LCEC standard design. At the same time, the crews are changing out any aging poles that have been identified. The project is part of the LCEC effort to continually improve reliability. LCEC routinely inspect facilities and repair or replace as needed in order to proactively address potential issues. This helps avoid lengthy outages and also helps to save money. A proactive repair or replacement is always less expensive than a reactive repair or replacement. The section of the project near Windsong and Stringfellow is currently 50% complete and should be finalized by mid-March. The next area the crew will be addressing is in the easement between Eagles Nest Drive and Sherwood Road. Once tree-trimming is completed the job will begin and should take approximately three weeks to complete.