Pine Is. Center Flooded 7-7-21

Pine Island Center is flooded due to constant rain since yesterday and probably impassable without a vehicle with elevated cab.

Hurricane Elsa passed offshore overnight and is reported to have had wind gusts in the area of up to 50mph. Bokeelia and St. James have also reported areas of substantial flooding.

The concurrent issues of high tide, up to 10 inches of rain just if the past 24 hours, and the winds blowing onshore have meant that the water has nowhere to drain. It is expected to continue to rain until this evening, although it is expected to be rainy as is normal for the next few months. (photo by Belinda Murude)

The mean high water level under normal conditions in Pineland hasn't risen one inch in the last 60 years despite Miami being "under water in the next 6 years" and despite no electric cars during that same period of time. We've kept track.