Shooting in Bokeelia

Approximately 2:30 PM on March 22, 2018, emergency vehicles were called to the 16100 block of Aura Lane off of Barrancas Ave., in Bokeelia, Florida. One individual was air lifted to Lee Memorial Hospital, possibility due to a bullet wound. Other helicopters could be seen possibly hunting for other individuals.

Approx. 25 Lee County Sheriff’s officials and other rescue vehicles were onsite.

Preliminary reports are that an individual attacked a Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy with a knife, deputy was slightly injured. Deputy shot his attacker.

There were reports on local media that Pine Island Road was backed up on both sides of Matlacha due to the shooting in Bokeelia. This is an erroneous report since Matlacha is always backed up this time of the year and the location of the shooting was 5 miles north of Pine Island Center and there was no traffic jams on Stringfellow Road.