U.S. House Rep. Francis Rooney Supports Carbon Tax

Excerpt from U.S. House Rep. Francis Rooney letter dated 12-14-2018;

"Our environment and economy are forever intertwined and the time for new energy sources is now. This is why I cosponsored The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. This bipartisan bill introduces a carbon fee at the source starting at $15 per ton that goes up $10 per year, and a full dividend that is allocated to households. This bill seeks to reduce carbon emissions, disincentivize the use of coal, and stimulate use of cleaner energy.

Many states and businesses are already taking steps to disincentivize carbon emissions. Florida will soon be one of several states that has no coal fired power plants. The CEO of Shell Oil has said that peak gasoline and oil demand will arrive around ten years from now, and that his company is working now to deal proactively with the coming "decarbonization. "

A revenue-neutral carbon fee is an efficient, market driven incentive to move towards natural gas. It is a better solution than a proposed ban on all fossil fuels, cap and trade regulatory regimes, or a radical "Green New Deal."

As Congress continues to debate policies to move the United States closer to efficient and sustainable energy sources. . . Sincerely, Francis Rooney Member of Congress"

(Ed note: nowhere on his masthead or lower does it indicate that he is a Republican; see image. And apparently Rep. Rooney isn't aware that the "10 year peak oil" theory has been around since the '60's)