Vehicle Hits Multiple Pedestrians in Matlacha -1 Deceased

Update 4/22/24:
24 year old Cody James Curtis from Cape Coral, has been arrested by the Lee County Sheriff's Dept. and charged with: Homicide-Manslaughter (DUI CAUSE DEATH TO HUMAN); 3 counts of (DUI AND SERIOUS BODILY INJURY TO ANOTHER); 2 counts (DUI DAMAGE TO PROPERTY OR PERSON OF ANOTHER)

The Matlacha/Pine Island Fire Control District reported, "At 5:50pm, crews responded to a restaurant in Matlacha for reports of multiple people struck by a vehicle. Capt. 150, E-151, E-153, E-154, PI-1, PI-2, PI-3 along with 4 ambulances and 2 EMS Supervisors responded to the scene where 3 victims were trauma alerts transported to the hospital by ground ambulance and 1 victim was a trauma alert transported by helicopter. 1 victim was found to be deceased. The scene is currently under investigation by Florida Highway Patrol and Lee County Sheriff’s Office."

Fox News Reports, "A 24 year old Cape Coral driver, hit 5 people over 55 years old outside Matlacha restaurant.  An 80 year old woman was killed, another man, 77, suffered serious injuries from the crash.

Florida Highway Patrol reported, "

"Vehicle 1 (Sedan) was traveling east on Pine Island Road NW, south of Island Avenue.

Vehicle 2 (Motorcycle) was parked and unoccupied at "The BBQ Place" located at 4590 Pine Island Road NW.

Vehicle 3 (Pickup Truck) was traveling west on Pine Island Road NW, north of Island Avenue.

Pedestrian 1, Pedestrian 2, Pedestrian 3, Pedestrian 4 and Pedestrian 5 were all patrons at "The BBQ Place", sitting outside at restaurant tables.

Vehicle 1 traveled off the roadway left, entered the north gravel shoulder, collided with a no parking sign and wooden decorative post. Vehicle 1 continued forward, and entered the outside seating area of "The BBQ Place".

Vehicle 1 collided with Pedestrians 1-5, the building, and the parked Vehicle 2.

Post collision, Vehicle 1 continued forward and collided with several other post, mailboxes and garbage cans, then reentered the roadway and collided with Vehicle 3.

Pedestrian 5 was pronounced deceased on scene. Pedestrians 1-4 sustained injuries and were transported to an area hospital.

The crash remains under investigation, charges pending